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This site was first conceived in 1996 as a source to sell our carvings online.  The site was developed with NOTEPAD® and Netscape 2.0® as a browser.  Free server space was provided by GeoCities.  The page started as a newsletter for carvers, changing to an informational page. This gave us an opportunity to develop our skills. Now we were ready for the leap... to commercialism. Then, we discovered that GeoCities would not allow commercial enterprise on their "free" sites. We did not offer our carvings for sale, leaving the page as an informational or instructional page.  Mountain Star Studio debuted on GeoCities in March of 1997.  Over the next two years it evolved into a site to share woodcarving knowledge with other carvers.

In 1998, the owners discovered TRIPOD and FrontPage '98®.  The first discovery allowed us free space to conduct commercial enterprise.  Mountain Star Online was developed as an online catalog for our carving sales.  We decided to maintain The Carving Bench as a tips and techniques site.  GeoCities does not support FrontPage file extensions, we decided to move it to TRIPOD as TheCarvingBench in the spring of 1999. This marked a separation of our commercial and informational pages.

In 1999, we continued the development of the information site. Projects and Pattern pages were added. Some basic information for new carvers was added. We at ViewStats from Lycos to help track and summarize visitor information. Cosmetic changes were made to standardize the three level of pages and links.

In 2000, we upgraded to ForntPage 2000® and purchased Adobe® Acrobat™. Acrobat enabled us to convert Microsoft® Word® documents to PDF file formats. We can now convert the handout pages we use in our classes for use on the web without reformatting into HTML formats. This speeds and standardizes the process to bring more great pages to the carver. Additionally, we had some great new tools to the page using HTMLGear's feedback and guestbook tools. The page for new carvers, Carving 101, was expanded. A general spruce-up of the site was conducted.

The 2000-2001 Edition is ready.
The beat goes on ... and on ... and on ...


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This table shows the revision history of this page and the site visitation.

04/22/97 Mountain Star Studio debuts on GeoCities    
04/18/99 TheCarvingBench moves to TRIPOD 4598 4598
01/2001 Complete site revision. 2244 6900
05/2001 Formatting and revisions 626 7526


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Site Name: TheCarvingBench
Description: A site dedicated to providing tips, techniques, and resources for woodcarvers.
Owner:  Mountain Star Studio - Roanoke, Virginia

FrontPage Provides a welcome to and overview of the site, plus the tip of the month.
Profile Provides a history & profile of this web site.
Techniques Provides tips, techniques, and resources.
Archive Provides a list of old pages, tips, and articles.
About Us Provides a look at the carvers and their work.
Contents Provides a site table of contents.
Site Map Provides a site map of this web site.
Carving 101 Provides information for the new carver.


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All pages contain the opinions of the TheCarvingBench  and its owners.  It does not pretend to be an authoritative source of advice.

Mention of a particular vendor, site, or product does not constitute an endorsement by the TheCarvingBench or its owners.

TRIPOD provides the server price at no cost. This entitles TRIPOD to place watermarks, ads, banners, and scripts on this page. The TheCarvingBench  has no control over the content of these additions. The TheCarvingBench  does not endorse or approve of the content of these additions.

As a starting point for exploration of sites on the Web, we provided links which offer current information and resources for woodcarvers. It does not attempt to be a concise nor a complete listing of all such information sources,

The links we provide in this site were correct at the time of publication. We are not responsible for changes made by other sites.

We will endeavor to make corrections if you will report them.

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