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Carving 101-- Articles of interest to new carvers.
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Whittle Guide.PDF -- An introduction to whittling.

Woodcarving 101.PDF -- Basic knife strokes and carving styles.

WC Tips.PDF   -- Basic tips from Gary Webb for new carvers.

Egg Carving.PDF -- a good project for a beginning carver. This project teaches grain dynamics and basic knife strokes.]

Resources.PDF -- a list of carving vendors, schools, and publications.

NWCA.PDF -- Print and complete this form. Insert a check for $14.00 USD and mail to the National Woodcarvers Association. Soon, Chip Chats will appear in your mailbox. Visit the NWCA online at

Layout 101.PDF -- provides layout and proportion basics for the human head and face.

Incise.PDF -- provides basic hand holds and knife strokes for incise carving.

Whittling.PDF -- provides basic knife strokes and techniques for whittling in the round.

Eyes 101 -- provides steps for carving the human eye.


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Whittling or Woodcarving ?

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BOOKS.HTM -- a list of our favorite carving books for new carvers.

SAFETY 101.HTM -- a series of safety checklists for a carver.


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The Pull (Draw) Stroke
Protect the thumb on your knife hand.

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