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Tips & Techniques-- Tips and techniques for carvers and whittlers.

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Visit the Woodcarvers BBS to find a carver or club near you.

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Resources.PDF -- a list of our carving supply houses, schools, and publications.

anatomy.PDF -- a short lesson in human antamony for carvers.

Finish-Tips.PDF -- a list of tips for finishing your carving projects.

mix-color.PDF -- describes the basics of mixing colors.

Rules 4 Class.PDF -- Ready to take a carving class? If so, check these rules of classroom etiquette.

BRD-FT.PDF -- Ever wondered how to calculate board feet, or why carvers pay by volume and carpenters by length? Check out this sheet.

crv-faces.PDF -- provides a short discussion on carving the human.

Color Conversion.PDF -- a table showing how to convert arcylic and oil colors from various manufacturers.

paint-tutorial.PDF -- a short painting tutorial.

555.PDF -- five exercises to warm-up your hands before carving.

Show Tips. PDF -- provides tips for showing your carvings.

Strop Tips.PDF -- tips for stropping your tools.

Ellipse.PDF -- describes how to draw an ellipse.

Sell Carvings.PDF -- provides tips for selling woodcarvings.

Drying Wood.PDF -- provides tips for drying green wood.

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Art, FolkArt, Craft ?

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fredkey.HTM --tips and techniques for painting characters and caricatures by Fred Key.

pnt-santa.HTM-- tips and techniques for painting Santa Claus by Lee and Lillian Perkins.

BLEED.HTM -- This page describes a technique to keep paints from bleeding and to help highlight low relief features.

CRV-EAR.HTM -- provides basic ear antomy and shows how to carve the human ear.

PAT-TIP.JPG -- shows how to quickly mark and cut multiple copies of the same pattern.

SAFETY 101.HTM -- a series of safety checklists for a carver.

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The Push Stroke
Keep the holding hand
and fingers
below the plane of the
knife stroke.

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BODY.DOC -- provides listings of body proportions and relationships.  

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