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SnowPerson Head

This pattern was inspired by an old Boy Scout kerchief slide pattern.
We use it as a pin or as an ornament.
The pattern also makes a great bolo. 
Glue  "snowballs" on the ends of the lanyard.
Adjust the size and wood thickness as desired.


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TOOLS -- carving knife, pencil, saw, toothbrush

  Pin:  one pinback (3/4-in min.),   glue, sandpaper, tooth pick (to dot eyes & mouth)
  Ornament:  one (217-1/2) brass screw eye & a 4-6" length of 1/4" ribbon or string
  Bolo:  a lanyard, clip, and tips (use 1/2" balls, painted white)

WOOD --2-1/2" x 3" x 1/2" basswood strip & tooth pick or bamboo skewer for nose


  1. Paints:  white, orange, red, black, cool color for scarf
  2. Brush:  as per size of carving
  3. Sealers:  fast-dry lacquer, acrylic sealer


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  1. Transfer the pattern to the wood.   Cut out the blank.
  2. Using paring cuts, remove the saw marks on the edge of the blank.
  3. Round the edges of the blank.   Beware the changes in grain dynamics.  If the knife cuts "chunks", reverse the direction of the cut.
  4. Stop cut the bottom of the hat brim.   Cut back to separate head from the hat.
  5. Stop cut the top of the brim and cut back to separate from the top of hat.  Deepen this cut to at least 1/8".
  6. Using paring/push/pull cuts, round off the top of hat.
  7. Stop cut the top of the hat band.   Cut back to separate from the hat's crown.
  8. Stop cut the bottom of the "chin".  Cut back to separate the head from the scarf.  Deepen this cut to at least 1/8".
  9. Use paring/push/pull cuts to round the sides of the head.
  10. Using stop and cutbacks, separate the scarf details.  Round-up.
  11. Smooth and round-up as desired.   Brush the carving with the toothbrush to remove loose chips.
  12. OPTIONAL: if not painting the nose, cut the tip of the skewer or tooth pick and shape.  Drill a hole to receive the nose.  Fit and glue.
  13. Clean-up the fuzzies.  Sand as needed.
  14. Damp brush the carving, using a toothbrush and soapy water.  Pat dry and leave to dry.
  15. Spray with quick-dry lacquer to seal the wood and let dry.
  16. Paint and let dry. Suggested colors
    Hat = black
    Hat band = red or color color (add glitter for an extra touch)
    Face = white
    Nose = orange
    Scarf = color color of choice (add dots or stripes if desired)
    Eyes/Mouth = black dots (made with tooth pick)
    NOTE:  Check the carver's bolo.
  17. Spray with acrylic sealer and let dry.
  18. Apply antiquing gel if desire.   Re-seal and let dry.
  19. Glue pinback and let dry. 
    Ornament: Insert screw eye in center of the top hat.  Cut and insert 4-6" 1/4" ribbon.
  20. Sign and date the project.  It is done !!

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Revised:   2001-01-01


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