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Patterns and Projects


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Each pattern has a materials list, a supply list, a pattern, and carving instructions.  We tried to get the patterns the actual size so you can transfer it.  So hit the <PRINT> button on your browser's tool bar.  Feel free to use these patterns.  If the size does is not correct for your needs, re-size as desired.  Use the pattern to create a template.  

 Project Patterns

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Folk Art Cat --a pen or ornament pattern of a folk art feline

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Merging Hearts --our favorite heart pen pattern

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Patchwork Heart --a multi-color pen pattern

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  SnowPerson Head --a versatile pattern for an ornament, pin, or bolo

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Coming --Soon   !!

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  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Tool Roll  --pattern & instructions for making a 20-tool tool roll

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Carving Board  --pattern & instructions for making a carving board

             WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Coming --Soon  !!

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  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Carving the Human Ear --step-by-step carving instructions

  WB01342_.gif (412 bytes)  Coming --Soon   !!

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