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by West Westrom

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Here is a handy tool for carving bolas or other small objects. Also good insurance against emergency treatment for hand held objects. The original was fabricated from some 3/4" thick scrap plywood. It is bulky but works very well. The lip on bottom is meant to hold the board to table. The "V" plate on top will hold the carving piece in various positions.

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Top View
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Side View
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  1. The drawing shows the "carving board" fabricated from 1/2" thick lumber nominal.

  2. Dimensions are 3" wide x 6" long with 3A" clearance for table edge.

  3. The X's mark where I used nails to reinforce the glued joints.


We began using this gadget years ago when we carved scout kerchief slides and bolos. Now we have use it to low relief Christmas ornaments and low relief caricatures. We have adjusted the size up and down depending on the carving. Adjust the pattern by re-sizing at a photocopier.

Reprinted from:
  The Mallet
  May 1989

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