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This page contains our show and class schedules as well as a list of galleries where we retail our carvings. For more information about our work and show availabilty, visit our online catalog at: Mountain Star Studio

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Schedule -- 2001

Our calendar is set in May of each year. Check back.



19 May

Carving Class:
James River Woodcarvers
10 AM to 4 PM

Richmond, VA


20-21 Oct

Fall Court Festival
10 AM to 6 PM

Charlottes, VA



Christmas Show
10 AM to 6 PM

  W&M Hall
  William & Mary Campus
  Williamsburg, VA
? ? ?

   Kris Kringle Mart
by invitation only)

 Roanoke, Va




 Dickens of a Christmas
8 AM - 5 PM 
  Roanoke, VA


 Dickens of a Christmas
8 AM - 5 PM  
  Center-in-the Square 
  Roanoke, VA


 Dickens of a Christmas
8 AM - 5 PM  
  Roanoke, VA


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We teach a variety of classes and in several formats. If you would like to schedule us to do a class for your organization, this section provides general information about our class.  Contact us for specific class information and quotes.

Class Costs     |   Schedule A Class     |     Class Descriptions

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Class Costs

Contact the sponsor for complete cost and registration information.  Some sponsors add a fee to the our instructional fee. This is to cover their costs of sponsoring us!  The cost quoted by the sponsor does not normally include a materials fee.  We charge this fee to cover the cost of the following:

ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) Carving blocks or blanks
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) A carver's goodie bag
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) Finger covers
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) Cleanup supplies
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) Finishing supplies
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) Instructional materials
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) Handouts

When making an inquiry with the sponsor, please ask about the materials fee.  The fee does change as do the costs for each class.

The participant must furnish the following:

ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) a sharp carving knife
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) sharpening and honing supplies
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) pencils (2)
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) a 6-inch ruler
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) an open mind and willing heart!

NOTE:  Check the specific class description for other required tools and supplies.

We have stocked a few carving tools which are available on a first come basis. Because of the cost involved, we can only stock a few tools and books.  When we teach for a supplier, these are not available as the supplier is in the business to sell you something!

When we furnish the blanks for a class we bring extra blanks.  These are available to students at a phenomenal fee at the end of the class! If the sponsor furnishes the blanks, extras may or may not be available.  Talk with the sponsor about providing extra blanks.


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Schedule A Class

      If you would like to sponsor a class for your organization, Contact us for:

ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) class descriptions
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) scheduling
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) pricing
ball-4.gif (1096 bytes) a proposal

      We do require of at least five students with a maximum of twelve students.  It does cost us to develop a class... step boards, models, handouts, instructional guides, preparing class supplies.

      If you fill a class for us, you get the class for  f r e e !!


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Carving With The James River WoodCarvers Association

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We are carving PencilPals and ToolToppers with JRWCA at their May, Saturday Seminar in Richmond, Virginia!  The half-day seminar explores basic techniques used to carve a carver's gadget. Time will not permit finishing of the project, but techniques to paint or finish the project will be covered in class.

These projects are excellent for beginner or intermediate carvers. 

Click here to view descriptions and information.

For additional information, visit the JRWCA web page at:


WD-BAR.GIF (2775 bytes)Retail

Selling the carvings we produce is a part of our mission.  The City Fathers will not allow us to sell from our studio, which means we have to sell our carvings at local shows and galleries.


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Alleghany Highlands Arts & Crafts Center

Fine Arts and Crafts from the Alleghany Highlands

439 East Ridgeway Street
* Clifton Forge, Virginia
Located in downtown Clifton Forge
(Accessible via Exits 24 & 27 off I-64)
(From I-81, take I-64 West, north of Lexington)
Phone: (540) 862-4447
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed after Christmas until February.


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