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Old Tips -- Part III

Finishing Facts

Check out a few finishing tips from the pros this time.

After finishing sanding, don't skip sealing your piece with Gesso or lacquer. It will cost you a lot more time to correct raised grain than the time you saved skipping this step.
-- Hugh Van Hayes

Before trying to remove stubborn slivers and fuzzy stuff from your basswood carvings, first seal with a matte sealer. When it is thoroughly dry, sand using a wadded up brown grocery bag to remove any lifted grain. Then proceed with clean up.
-- Tina Toney

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Painting Tips

This paint tip comes from Jim Sprankle, champion fowl carver and instructor.

The successful painters that I have known over 26 years of carving and painting have had an open mind. They are willing to try different paint combinations and in carving they are abreast of any new tools.

 If you mix your colors for painting, Jim also advises:

Don't be afraid to take detailed notes while you are painting and carving, especially in painting. Keep track of paint ratios, as you will find you are painting several birds with identical colors or close to identical colors. Having a handy reference will save much time and considerable frustration.

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Brush Tips

Clean your paintbrush by holding it at a 45 degree angle against the side of the cleaning container and twirl lightly. This makes your brush last much longer.
-- Ron Broadwater

After cleaning your paint brushes with a brush soap, apply the soap to the brush and set the tip. This will help you keep the tip fine and prolong the use of the brushes. Make sure you rinsed the brush before using.
-- Frank Stripe

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Tip of the Month from Delta:

When painting small wood pieces, loop a piece of masking tape sticky-side up, around your index finger opposite the hand that you paint with. Then place the small wood piece on the masking tape and paint the top and edges of the wood piece. Place on wax paper to dry. This method makes the wood piece easier to hold and keeps the paint off your fingers!

Delta , makers of Ceramcoat paints, has a painting or craft tip of the day. Check this site for more painting and brush tips.

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