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Tool & Carving Tips
Contains tool & carving tips from all over the planet.
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This edition features tips from the net, gathered by F. Pierce Pratt
and   published originally on the WWWoodc@rver E-zine.


From: Doug Rowe

I just came up with a new (to me) source of models and ideas for caricature carvings. I now collect the political cartoons from newspapers. News artists do an excellent job of drawing exaggerated faces with emphasis on those things that need exaggeration.

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From: Barney Elking

The first thing is to make the mouth smile. The second is to raise the eyebrows. The third is to squint the eyes a bit and add smile lines around the outer edges. When in doubt, grab a mirror and smile. The image looking back will give you a lot of ideas. I find that the beard and moustache on a Santa make the mouth expression a bit difficult. The subtleties of a smile get lost in the hair. You might want to exaggerate the smile a bit more than usual.

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From: Patti Landmann

A fellow in my carving club gave a brief talk about the social benefits and drawbacks of carving. He contended that it was worth the effort to find a way to be among the family. He went to a local surplus place and bought one of the tables they use in hospitals. They have adjustable height, pivot, and have a recessed tray for supplies or tools. Some had electrical outlets. They are stable but not topple proof. He covered one end with non-skid material to keep tools from rolling off and not dull tool edges. He said they are easy to find and cheap.

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