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SnowPerson Head

This pattern was inspired by an old Boy Scout kerchief slide pattern.
We use it as a pin or as an ornament.
The pattern also makes a great bolo. 
Glue  "snowballs" on the ends of the lanyard.
Adjust the size and wood thickness as desired.

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TOOLS -- carving knife, pencil, saw, toothbrush


  Pin:  one pinback (3/4-in min.),   glue, sandpaper, tooth pick (to dot eyes & mouth)

  Ornament:  one (217-1/2) brass screw eye & a 4-6" length of 1/4" ribbon or string

  Bolo:  a lanyard, clip, and tips (use 1/2" balls, painted white)

WOOD --2-1/2" x 3" x 1/2" basswood strip & tooth pick or bamboo skewer for nose


  • Paints:  white, orange, red, black, cool color for scarf

  • Brush:  as per size of carving

  • Sealers:  fast-dry lacquer, acrylic sealer


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Click to Enlarge Pattern


  • Transfer the pattern to the wood.   Cut out the blank.

  • Using paring cuts, remove the saw marks on the edge of the blank.

  • Round the edges of the blank.   Beware the changes in grain dynamics.  If the knife cuts "chunks", reverse the direction of the cut.

  • Stop cut the bottom of the hat brim.   Cut back to separate head from the hat.

  • Stop cut the top of the brim and cut back to separate from the top of hat.  Deepen this cut to at least 1/8".

  • Using paring/push/pull cuts, round off the top of hat.

  • Stop cut the top of the hat band.   Cut back to separate from the hat's crown.

  • Stop cut the bottom of the "chin".  Cut back to separate the head from the scarf.  Deepen this cut to at least 1/8".

  • Use paring/push/pull cuts to round the sides of the head.

  • Using stop and cutbacks, separate the scarf details.  Round-up.

  • Smooth and round-up as desired.   Brush the carving with the toothbrush to remove loose chips.

  • OPTIONAL: if not painting the nose, cut the tip of the skewer or tooth pick and shape.  Drill a hole to receive the nose.  Fit and glue.

  • Clean-up the fuzzies.  Sand as needed.
  • Damp brush the carving, using a toothbrush and soapy water.  Pat dry and leave to dry.

  • Spray with quick-dry lacquer to seal the wood and let dry.

  • Paint and let dry.

    Suggested colors

    Hat = black
    Hat band = red or color color (add glitter for an extra touch)
    Face = white
    Nose = orange
    Scarf = color color of choice (add dots or stripes if desired)
    Eyes/Mouth = black dots (made with tooth pick)

    NOTE:  Check the carver's bolo.

  • Spray with acrylic sealer and let dry.

  • Apply antiquing gel if desire.   Re-seal and let dry.

  • Glue pinback and let dry. 

    Ornament: Insert screw eye in center of the top hat.  Cut and insert 4-6" 1/4" ribbon.

  • Sign and date the project.  It is done !!

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