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Merging Hearts

This pattern makes a good pin for a carver's sweetie. 
It is a good pattern to work with the changing grain dynamics.  .


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TOOLS --carving knife, pencil, saw, toothbrush

SUPPLIES --pinback (3/4 or 1-in), glue, sandpaper

WOOD --1-1/4" x 1-3/4" x 1/4" basswood strip


  1. Paints:  red, antique gel
  2. Brush:  #1, 00, flat or round
  3. Sealers:  fast-dry lacquer, acrylic sealer


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  1. Transfer the pattern to the wood. Note the grain direction (up to down).  Cut out the blank.
  2. Using paring cuts, remove the saw marks on the edge of the blank.
  3. Stop cut along the dotted line and cutback, separating the two hearts. Deepen this cut for additional definition as desired.
  4. Round the edges of the hearts.   Beware the changes in grain dynamics.  If the knife cuts "chunks", reverse the direction of the cut.
  5. Smooth and round-up as desired.   Brush the carving with the toothbrush to remove loose chips.
  6. Clean-up the fuzzies.  Sand as needed.
  7. Damp brush the carving, using a toothbrush and soapy water.  Pat dry and leave to dry.
  8. Spray with quick-dry lacquer to seal the wood and let dry.
  9. Paint and let dry.
  10. Spray with acrylic sealer and let dry.
  11. Apply antiquing gel if desire.   Wipe the gel down to the red in the middle. Feather the wiping/color to the edge to achieve a light-dark effect. 
  12. Re-seal and let dry.
  13. Glue pinback and let dry.
  14. Sign and date the project.  It is done !!

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Updated:   01.01.2001


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